Plumber vs Plumbing Contractor: Your Ultimate Guide

What’s the difference between plumbers and plumbing contractors? This guide will help you decide if it’s a plumbing contractor or a plumber that you need.
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Whether you’re building a new home or repairing an old one, you’ll find yourself wondering if you need a plumber or a plumbing contractor. But what’s the difference between the two? What benefit does it bring when you hire plumbing contractors? Let’s take a closer look at each job type to help you decide which professional you should hire when it comes time to build or repair your plumbing system.

Plumber vs Plumbing Contractor: What Do Plumbers Do?

Plumbers work to install, repair and maintain your plumbing system. They are licensed, certified, and trained for this purpose. Plumbers can be called on to fix leaks, clogs, or other problems with pipes, valves, and fixtures. Most plumbers are highly skilled in their trade and are able to handle any issue that may come up with your plumbing system.

They may also be able to help you with general plumbing advice, like how to maintain your pipes and prevent future problems. If you have a problem with your plumbing, it’s important that you call a plumber right away.

Examples of jobs that plumbers can work on

Plumbers are the type of guy or gal you want to call if your sink is clogged or your toilet isn’t flushing properly.

A plumber can also fix other plumbing problems that may arise in your homes, such as leaks and clogs. 


Leaky pipes are a result of deteriorating seals in your plumbing system. Fortunately, leaking can be fixed. The process to fix them involves determining the location of the leak and repairing it, which requires specialized tools and training. Plumbers can do this with their knowledge, experience, and expertise in how a house works.


Clogs are a persistent problem for sewers. Over time, the pipes that drain away water from your toilet, sink, and shower can become blocked with hair, soap, and other debris. In most cases, the clog doesn’t actually cause damage to your home, but it’s still important to have this problem addressed as soon as possible. The process of unclogging a plumbing line can vary depending on where the blockage is located and what product is used, but plumbers can take care of the job for you without much fuss.

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Plumber vs Plumbing Contractor: How are Plumbing Contractors Different?

Plumbing contractors, on the other hand, manage the entire construction process of any job that requires plumbing. They are responsible for managing budgets, ensuring quality workmanship, and managing sub-contractors.

They are also responsible for managing the entire process of any job that requires plumbing. They manage budgets, ensure quality workmanship and manage sub-contractors. They are also responsible for managing the entire process of any job that requires plumbing. They manage budgets, ensure quality workmanship and manage sub-contractors.

Examples of jobs that a Plumbing Contractor can work on

Here’s a list of some of the jobs that plumbing contractors can work on:

A Plumbing Contractor Does Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing contractors are skilled professionals who install, maintain, and repair water and waste systems in commercial buildings. They work for building owners such as realtors, architects, or engineers and may also be called on to test the functionality of the plumbing system.

A Plumbing Contractor Does Residential Plumbing

Plumbing contractors can perform projects on homes, apartments, and condos. From installing new water systems to replacing old pipes and fixtures, residential plumbing services are important for the safety and comfort of any home.

Some common residential plumbing projects include:

  • Replacing water heaters
  • Installing toilets
  • Repairing or replacing pipes
  • Replacing faucets & sinks
  • Repairing or replacing garbage disposals
  • Installing showers & tubs
  • Fixing leaky pipes & faucets
  • Setting up sump pumps, etc.

Industrial Plumbing

Plumbing contractors are skilled professionals who do things like work on large industrial production lines, conduct plumbing inspections and repairs, and perform other tasks related to water systems and water supply.

New Construction

installing new piping systems in homes or buildings (this includes both residential and commercial buildings). It also includes building new houses or apartments from scratch (this is known as a “green” building). For example, when you build an addition onto your house where there was no room before for a bathroom or kitchen sink—that would be “new construction.” 


They replace old piping systems or add new ones to existing buildings. This includes upgrading older homes, apartment buildings, and businesses so they meet current building codes.

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They can remodel old homes so they look like new ones (remodeling jobs are usually smaller than full-blown new construction projects). For example: If a homeowner wants to convert his basement into an extra bedroom but he doesn’t want to spend much money doing it—he’d hire someone who specializes in this type of job. This person would be known as a remodeler or contractor specializing solely in small projects such as these.

A Plumber and a Plumbing Contractor are different, but they complement each other in many ways

The differences between plumbers and plumbing contractors are quite clear. Plumbers work to install, repair, and maintain your plumbing system. The job of a plumbing contractor is much broader. They manage the entire construction process of any job that requires plumbing.

Requirements of both professions

Even after reading these differences, it can still be quite confusing. By finding out the requirements or what they need to go through, the difference between these two titles might be a little clearer. You will also be able to tell what experiences or licenses you need to look for when hiring one.

Requirements to be a plumber

Becoming a plumber is much like becoming a doctor, lawyer or electrician: You’ll need to first obtain an appropriate education and then gain some work experience. To become a plumber you must attend a vocational school for 2 years. The curriculum offers study in construction and carpentry, math, science, and business.

Requirements to be a plumbing contractor

One of the best ways to become a plumbing contractor is to start off as a plumber. Becoming an apprentice or even becoming self-employed as a plumber can help you get your foot in the door with employers and get some experience. plumbing contractors must first obtain a license from their state, as well as get a bonding and liability insurance policy. The licensing process varies depending on whether you are a contractor or subcontractor, 

For most jobs, you’ll need both a plumber and a plumbing contractor

When you are building a new house or building, the best way to avoid problems with your plumbing is to hire a plumber and a plumbing contractor together. This is because if you hire only one, they will not have the skills to handle other aspects of the job.

Plumbers work to install, repair, and maintain your plumbing system. They don’t do the actual construction of it though. That’s where a plumbing contractor comes in. They manage the entire construction process of any job that requires plumbing, including designing new systems from scratch or making repairs to existing ones after an accident has occurred.

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When you hire a plumber and a plumbing contractor separately, you run the risk of ending up with mismatched parts and poor workmanship. That’s why it’s important to choose people who will work great together or get them from the same company. They will handle all aspects of your work, including doing the design work, overseeing installation and service calls, and providing all necessary materials.

If you’re looking for a plumbing company, ask them if they specialize in new construction, remodeling, or residential plumbing. If they say “yes” to all three of these questions—then you know that they’re probably an expert in their field and that your job will be done right the first time.

Plumbing Service You Can Count On

I hope that this article has helped you better understand the difference between plumbers and plumbing contractors. Being able to tell them apart will help you choose the best person for your job, whether it’s a small repair or a large renovation. We all depend on our plumbing systems every day, so it’s important to have someone reliable looking after them.

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