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Your sewage lines are in charge of eliminating waste from your home, and if one of these systems fails, your entire plumbing system fails. Call us immediately away if you’re experiencing a plumbing issue and require immediate assistance. Plumbing issues can be unpleasant, and if raw sewage is involved, they can be dangerous to your health. Plumbing Bear is quick to react to service requests. We can even accommodate same-day and weekend appointments. We provide emergency plumbing services if you have a plumbing problem. When difficulty arises, Plumbing Bear is quick to respond and assist you.

Plumbing Bear in Mesa, Arizona offers a variety of services to help you solve your sewer line issue, including unclogging, relining, repairing services, and even sewer camera inspections to help you be certain that your sewer line issues are solved quickly and with professional care. Contact us today for all your water and wastewater needs! 

Sewer Lines and Excavation services by Plumbing Bear Mesa AZ

What's the source of your sewage line problems?

Tree roots are usually the prime suspect when it comes to sewer line damage. These roots can penetrate even concrete and PVC pipes over time, causing extensive damage. Plumbing Bear can help you prevent this damage by excavating your property and repairing or replacing your sewer line.

A damaged or clogged sewage line can occur for a variety of reasons, including root damage. Objects can get caught in the line and become stuck. Sewer difficulties, such as buckling or breaking lines, can be caused by extreme temperature variations and general degradation. Misalignment can also be caused by ground movement or faulty installation.

If your home has a bathroom below the level of your main sewer line, you likely have a sewage ejector pump. Plumbing Bear is the most reliable plumbing service in Mesa Arizona area that provides installation, repair, and replacement services for sewage ejector pumps. Its purpose is to lift the sewage to the level of the sewer line so it can flow out of the house to the community sewer or septic tank. Basically, gravity won’t move your waste water, so it needs a little help. 

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We at Plumbing Bear believe in professionalism. Our technicians arrive on time, dressed professionally, and take care when working in your home. We never start work without discussing it with you, and we will never pressure you to buy products or services you do not need. We provide our honest advice based on years of experience. We are a local, family-owned, and operated business, and you can trust us. For more information about sewer line repair and replacement in Mesa, give the experts at Plumbing Bear a call today!

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