The Best Experiences in Mesa, AZ

City of Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona is a bustling city with plenty of activities and attractions to keep tourists, couples, professionals, elderly people, families, and children busy and entertained. There is a multitude of great experiences to have in Mesa and it can be hard to know where to start. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best experiences in the city. From outdoor adventures and historical sites to family-friendly fun and delicious food options, there’s something for everyone here. So pack your bags and get ready for some unforgettable memories right here in Mesa!


The Best Things to do and Visit in Mesa, AZ

Mesa Arizona Temple

101 S Lesueur, Mesa, AZ 85204

The Mesa Arizona Temple is a lovely temple belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints and has been categorized as a notable masterpiece of architecture in the city. This temple is an experiences famous in Mesa for its holiday lights: these are the light displays that provide Mesa with so much light during the holiday season. The lights are simply beautiful, but there is, even more, you can enjoy. The temple also has in its premises a visitor’s center that holds exhibits and provides visitors with a glimpse into the history of this church and also showcases sculptures showing important figures in Christianity. You can visit and learn more about this sister church located in this city.

Mesa Temple


Arizona Museum of Natural History

53 N Macdonald, Mesa, AZ 85201

If you want to know even more about the history of the southwest but with a geographical and geological focus, then spend the day at the Arizona Museum of History. The museum started as a small collection of artifacts and has now grown to an area of over 74,000 square feet that houses over 10,000 historic photographs of the region. 

The museum aims to inform and engage visitors and has a number of large installations, such as a recreation of an Arizona prison, a goldmine, and an indoor waterfall that spans three floors.

Arizona Museum of Natural History


Silver Star Theatre

247 E Brown Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205

The Silver Star Dinner Theatre in Mesa, which rivals some Las Vegas dinner theaters, presents a full calendar of highly spectacular experiences each year. The theatre contains tiered seating so that every audience member has a clear view of the stage. 

Every season, the theater produces approximately 14 shows, ranging from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Country, Pop to Blues, and Jazz to Big Band. In addition to a vast variety of music concerts, they also stage a popular Murder Mystery Dinner Show and various comedy shows. Of course, every performance is accompanied by a delectable feast.

Silver Star Theater


Desert Belle Cruises

14011 N Bush Hwy, Mesa, AZ 85215

Desert Belle Cruises, located on North Bush Highway in Mesa, offers narrated guided tours on Saguaro Lake. Launched in 1964, the Desert Belle is an air-conditioned ship that leads guests on a 90-minute tour around the lake! Passengers enjoy magnificent views of the desert and high canyon walls, as well as Arizona wildlife, including birds such as eagles, falcons, and hawks, and mammals like bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, and more.

Desert Belle Cruises


Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables

13050 N Bush Hwy, Mesa, AZ 85215

The Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables, located on North Bush Highway near Mesa, offers horseback riding and trail rides experiences in the Sonoran Desert and Goldfield Mountain Range. There are many riding options ranging from half an hour to two hours, all conducted by competent guides. Riders are led past ridges covered in saguaro cactus plants, along the Salt River, and across dry arroyos to the tops of hills with panoramic views of the area, including Saguaro Lake.

Saguaro Lake Ranch Stable


Usery Mountain Regional Park

3939 N Usery Pass Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207

Usery Mountain Regional Park is a 3,648-acre park with camping areas, mountain biking and hiking routes, and stunning vistas. The park has 73 campsites with amenities such as hookups, picnic tables, BBQ grills, and more.

The park has about 29 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Trails range from short and easy to long and tough and provide visitors with wonderful views of the area. At the park, unique events like Archery 101, Full Moon Hike, Movie Night in the Park, and many more are held. If you’re looking for activities to do in Mesa, AZ with your kids, this is a terrific place to go.

Usery Mountain Regional Park


Hohokam Stadium

1235 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Hohokam Stadium, located on North Center Street in Mesa, has a capacity of 12,500 people. It is also known as Dwight W. Patterson Field and was once known as Hohokam Park. The stadium, which opened in 1997, is named after the Hohokam people, Native Americans who lived in this area of Arizona from 1 AD to about 1450 AD. The first stadium, built in 1976, served as the Oakland Athletics and later the Chicago Cubs spring training grounds.

Hohokam Stadium


Commemorative Air Force Museum

2017 N Greenfield Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215

The Commemorative Air Force Museum is an aviation museum located on North Greenfield Road. In 1978, Sentimental Journey, a World War II B-17G aircraft, was donated to the museum, which opened its first permanent hangar in 1985. Aircraft increased, requiring additional space. In 2003, a second building added nearly 30,000 square feet of exhibition and facility space to the museum.

Commemorative Air Force


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